Professional Engineer with advanced skills and experience in:

      Regulatory Agency Testimony

      New England Power Pool

      System Reliability Assessment

      Transmission Operations

      Transmission Planning

      Transmission Congestion Mitigation

      Distribution Planning

            ISO Planning & Operations

      Substation Planning

      Specification Development

      System Impact Studies

      Meter Engineering

        Transmission Reliability Criteria, Standards and Guidelines



Professional Qualifications

Over 49 Years of Power System Planning Experience

Registered Professional Engineer in State of Massachusetts

Served as Chair of NEPOOL Reliability Committee (1999)

Experience serving as State and Federal Regulatory Expert Witness


Consulting Experience:

       Work with numerous clients in support of development of technical assessments and documentation for the review and approval of transmission and distribution projects by state, regional and federal agencies.

       Provide technical assistance for transmission planning activities for an Independent System Operator including support for major transmission system expansion programs and development of a 10 year transmission plan



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Contact Information

Phone: 774-271-0383
Fax: 866-484-0298



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Charles P. Salamone PE